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Carpet Cleaning

Are Your Carpets Making Your Family Sick?

carpet cleaning

According to studies done by the Center for Infectious Diseases and the Center for Disease Control, several potentially life threatening microscopic viruses such as: E. coli and salmonella can hide in your carpet for over a month, just waiting for a chance to make your family sick!

Now, before you tear up every square inch of carpet, give Whole Home Cleaners a call. We use patented cleaning technology that will rid your carpets of these dirty little viruses and much more! Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis can help to eliminate trapped pollutants, prevent mold and mildew growth, get rid of dust mites, dirt, and pet dander, and get your carpets looking great again.

Due to our large number of very happy clients, we only have a limited number of time slots available to do FREE new-customer carpet evaluations, so call today (913) 856-8717.

Carpets Steam Cleaned

Whole Home Cleaners is a professional steam cleaning company offering quality service, friendly technicians, swift response time, and competitive prices. Using professional high-volume extraction systems, specialized attachments, and Roto-Vac™ rotating brush system, we pull dirt, dust, and stains from your carpet and pad. Our technicians are careful to follow carpet manufacturers' recommendations for maintaining and cleaning your carpet. Some of the additional products and services that we recommend are pet-odor removal, heavy soil cleaning, sanitizer, and Stain Protector.

WHC Carpet Cleaning Service Includes:
  • * Carpet Spot Pre-Treatment
  • * Pre-conditioning
  • * Steam Cleaning and Extraction
  • * Carpet Stain Protector
  • * Sanitizer
  • * Pet Odor and Stain Treatments
  • * Fast Drying Times

Carpet Cleaning Tips:

Let the Whole Home Cleaners team teach you some simple steps to maintaining and cleaning your carpets in between professional cleanings.

  1. 1. Remove shoes before you enter your home or use an entry mat to remove dirt from your shoes.

  2. 2. Remove spills and stains promptly by first scraping food spill gently with a spoon or dull knife to remove as much as possible. Next, blot with a clean cloth; rubbing the spot may grind the stain in further and may cause the fibers to fuzz, permanently damaging your carpet. When cleaning a stain, make sure to work from the outside in. This keeps the stain from spreading.

  3. 3. Use mild detergent if necessary. We recommend a clear, non-bleach laundry detergent; using cloudy detergent can leave a sticky residue. Use only 1/4 teaspoon of detergent to 32 ounces of water. Follow detergent cleaning with a clear water rinse and then blot dry as much as possible. For any stain removal, use a white cloth or paper towel for cleanup. If you clean a spot on your carpet with soap, be careful to remove all soap residues. This residue may attract even more dirt, and spots could become worse than before.

  4. 4. Rearrange furniture often. This helps minimize the gray area in your high-traffic areas, such as in front of the sofa. Once a gray area exists it is more difficult to clean.

  5. 5. Vacuum carpets a minimum of 2-3 times per week. Use a quality vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt.

Area Rug Cleaning

area rug cleaning

Area rugs can compliment, add color, texture, and warmth to almost any room. Rugs can help decrease the wear and tear that carpet would normally have which means they are useful in high-traffic areas of the home. With regular cleanings, WHC can help you keep your rugs looking as beautiful as the day they were purchased. We properly care for all types of area rugs, including wool and Oriental rugs. We will take extra care to determine the best cleaning method for your rug, taking into account its unique fibers, dyes, and weave.

"I had a great experience. Doug analyzed the furniture situation and cleaned it in a timely manner. He was friendly and professional."

Aimee in Shawnee, KS

"I have already recommended to colleagues this service "

Bama in Overland Park, KS

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