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Deck Staining

air duct cleaningProper cleaning and preventive maintenance is the key to maintaining or restoring your wood’s beauty. Just as you clean and maintain the wood furniture in your home, proper maintenance and cleaning of the wood on the outside of your home is even more important because of the high cost of replacement. Exterior wood is being replaced everyday that could have been saved by proper maintenance.

If not properly cared for, wood begins to warp, splinter, crack, and become discolored due to the forces of nature. Moisture from dew, rain, snow, and ice is absorbed by unprotected wood, causing it to swell and also washing away the natural coloring and resins of the wood. Heat also damages wood by causing it to dry and shrink in the sun. These cycles of shrinking and swelling can damage the integrity of your wood, which is dangerous for decks.

Decks are horizontal surfaces that are often completely exposed to the elements of nature, which can accelerate damage to the wood. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, pollen, fungal spores, and bacteria, which can all cause discoloration and damage to your wood. If it is not properly cleaned, maintained, and sealed with high-quality products, the wood begins to rot. The cost of deck maintenance is considerably lower than replacing an entire deck.

Deck Sealing, Staining, and Cleaning Process:
Whole Home Cleaners provides options when it comes to maintaining and protecting your wood and bringing it back to its original color and luster. If your wood already has stain or paint on it and you’re happy with the current color and finish, a regular maintenance cleaning might be what you need. This is an affordable service that will help to keep the deck looking like new. It will also prevent the growth of new mold, which in time will deteriorate the wood's finish.

If your finish has already deteriorated past the point of maintenance cleaning, then we recommend having WHC strip the old finish off and refinish your deck with a minimum of two coats on the wood surface. We prefer using only tinted sealers and stains that offer UV protection for your wood; clear sealers do not offer any UV protection. After cleaning your deck, protect your wood from the elements with a proper sealer. We use oil-based professional wood sealers to protect and beautify your wood. These products, including ReadySeal, Cabot’s, Wolman’s, and Sikkens, are only available by special order or at a professional paint store and are higher quality than any wood sealers found at a local hardware store.

"They were able to come in and help me out very quickly. They did a very good job."

Shirlene F. in Overland Park, KS

"Very pleasant and easy to deal with. My satisfaction was guaranteed. Will use them again!"

Corey K. in Shawnee, KS

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