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Trash Can Cleaning

trash can cleaningONLY AVAILABLE in OLATHE, KS

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Do you hate cleaning that gross, stinky garbage can? Do you have to hold your breath just to open the lid? Have you ever seen anything living or growing inside your can? If so, we have GREAT news for you! You never have to see or smell a dirty trash can again!!

If no one at your house wants to take the trash out because the look and smell of your can is totally DISGUSTING, you may think about regular trash can cleaning service. Call NOW to make sure you can get on one of our quickly filling cleaning routes…unless you like that horrible smell?


How does it work?

The day of your regularly scheduled trash pick-up service, we will clean, sanitize (killing 99% of any bacteria in your can), and deodorize your trash can to keep it shining like new and smelling as fresh as spring time! Wouldn’t that be a switch? Just leave your trash can out by the curb or up by the garage until after 7 p.m. the day of your normal trash pick-up and we will come around and clean and disinfect your can. After we clean the garbage can, we will then place it back where we found it…simple as that.

How much does it cost?

Please call the office for pricing. Special pricing for yearly contracts.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept debit or credit cards only, except with yearly service agreements. Due to the large volume of clients and because we are generally at your home when you are not there, the only form of payment we accept for trash can cleaning is VISA or MASTERCARD. However, if you would like to pay for a one-year contract in advance, then we can invoice you for the full amount and accept cash or check as well. We can also set you up on a monthly payment plan on a specified day of the month to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

Do I have to clean all my trash cans?

We will clean as many or as few as you would like. We offer monthly, quarterly, and one-time cleanings for one or more trash cans (save BIG with multiple trash cans). Just let us know which can you would like to have cleaned and we can accommodate your needs. If you have multiple trash cans, we would be happy to clean those as well. Just leave out the cans you want cleaned and we can take care of the rest.

What about HOA restrictions?

If it is not possible to leave your trash can by the curb until 7 p.m., then move it up by the garage or side of the house in a visible location, with relatively easy access to the can without having to walk inside any enclosures. Then we will clean your can and return it to the same location. We would love recommendations to HOA’s!! We can contract with them directly to give your whole neighborhood a community discount.

What if I need to reschedule my trash can cleaning day due to being out of town, etc?

Call us and we will normally be able to reschedule your trash can cleaning for another time in the same month. If we can’t get you rescheduled for a different time that month, we will automatically extend the time on your yearly service agreement, one more month.

How do I know when my trash cans have been cleaned?

In addition to your trash can looking and smelling great, we also will leave an easily removable “Can is Clean” flyer on the trash can handle. This also gives you great offers and discounts on all our other professional cleaning services while letting you know that the “Can Is Clean."

"They contacted us right away and they had a very thorough system to explain all their services they could provide and made good recommendations to us. They have very flexible options and we got exactly what we were wanting from a cleaning service at a great price. They showed up when they said they would and did a fantastic job with a deep cleaning of our house and it looks wonderful. We will definitely keep using them in the future."

Dane in Lansing, KS

"The owners were very nice and very professional. They were people that you could trust as were their employees. They were very eager to please and above all wanted to make sure that the job was done to my satisfaction. I will use them again."

Cindy in Louisburg, KS

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