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Window Washing

window cleaning Window Cleaning Services

  • * Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
  • * Screen Hand washing
  • * Sliding Door Tracks
  • * Hard Water Spots
  • * Window Tracks
  • * Interior and Exterior Skylight Cleaning
  • * Mirrors, Chandeliers, & Light Fixtures

Residential Window Cleaning
First, we start by cleaning the windows on the inside of the home. While we are inside, we either take off our shoes or wear shoe covers, then we scrub and vacuum the window tracts. We always use biodegradable soap that is completely safe, even on window tinting. To protect your furniture and flooring and ensure that water is not spilled in your home, we use a drop-canvas to cover all working areas. After detailing the windows on the inside, we move to the outside.

On the outside, we start by removing all the screens on the outside of the house. Then, we hand wash and dry the screens first, so they are ready to reinstall when the exterior windows are clean. While cleaning the exterior windows, we wash the window frames first; then clean the glass. If we find paint overspray, debris, or bug marks, we are sure to take those off, helping to make your windows look new again.

Often, window cleaning is a task that no one looks forward to. It needs to be done approximately four times a year. Wadded-up paper towels, spray cleaner, ladders, and a ton of elbow grease don’t sound like much fun on your day off. This also doesn’t effectively wash the windows, but just moves the dirt around from one spot to another and puts a static charge on the glass that attracts more dirt and dust. Let the professionals at WHC help you enjoy clean, streak-free windows. Window washing discounts are offered to customers who clean their windows on a regular basis. Ask about our personalized window cleaning program.  

Commercial Window Cleaning
Commercial businesses know how important it is to have a beautiful storefront image. Part of maintaining that clean image is cleaning your windows every month. We service all commercial buildings that are two stories or less. Our service is perfect for retail stores, restaurants, strip malls, and two-story commercial buildings. We guarantee streak-free, no-drip windows or we will be back to re-wash the windows for free. We offer maintenance programs that include annual, quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly service to keep your business looking great at an affordable price. Call for a free estimate today!

"Whole Home Cleaners was very thorough and did a great job. I especially appreciated that he was flexible and willing to clean the carpets in my husband's office which was a last minute decision. I thought his pricing was reasonable and I would hire them again."

Sylvia in Leawood, KS

"He did a fabulous job. When he got there he described the whole process and what the payment went towards. He also showed me the equipment he used to clean the ducts and in addition, they were priced extremely fair. He did an excellent job and finished quickly so I could make it to my next appointment on time!"

Sara in Lenexa, KS

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